Finance Division

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We are responsible for managing the financial resources of the university. Our web site is designed to provide comprehensive information to assist you in fulfilling your financial administrative tasks. We welcome any feedback you may have. For assistance, use our contact link in the horizontal navigation menu for a full listing of finance staff and associated information.


Portions of this sites' content has been refreshed, improved, and moved to Access Tufts. Please visit, explore and update any saved bookmarks.

AccessTufts Main Sections:
Finance & Payroll

Helpful Guides:
Sending & Accepting Payments
Buying Goods & Services
Purchasing Technology

If you need access to PeopleSoft, Data Warehouse, 现在怎么fq or the E-Expense system, please use the Finance Division Portal (Tufts login required)

These functions are now within the Controller's tab. For your convenience, you may access them via the quick links below.

  • Bursar
  • 目前能用的fq
  • General Accounting
  • International Travel & Global Operations


  • Access Tufts
  • Forms
  • Policies & Procedures
  • 目前能用的梯子
  • e-Expense
  • Fringe Benefit Rates
  • Tufts Travel Portal
  • Audited Financial Statements & Tax Documents
  • 现在的网友用什么fq
  • Fraud Reporting Hotline
  • Student Financial Services
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